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Nathan Judges
Product Designer | Manager
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Hi, I'm Nathan, a detail-oriented UI specialist and design manager working in health tech. I'm solutions-focused, incorporating design into how I learn, work, communicate, and cooperate.
The most important thing I have learnt about being a (Design) Manager is EVERYTHING can be designed. From the obvious - designing a new website homepage or how you want a meeting run, to fostering cross-functional collaboration in a company or designing how to achieve your goals - and most importantly, Celebrating the wins 🎉

A Solutions-Focused mindset to me is not about solving every problem right away. It's the idea that making people part of the outcome by working WITH them (knowing when to lead, listen, encourage, restart, or forge ahead) to achieve a goal together will create an impactful experience.
Product Person
Adapting 'Design Thinking Principles' to enhance both our team and customer's experience with the product
UI Specialist
UX based testing & iteration efficiently progressed to detailed, well-organised designs for any device or technology
Developer Communication
Increasingly refined understanding of core development principles, enabling fluent design/engineering collaboration
Impact in my current role
Working both on-site and remotely since 2019 while managing a small team of designers I have;
(plug) - Why hire me
UI/UX designers are increasingly sought-after to create compelling websites/apps.

Even better is a product person* who can utilise those skills to foster a design-led culture amongst the entire team.
nathan.judges@gmail.com0425 226 959LinkedIn
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